ATV Trails Around Me: Where to Go ATVing in Alberta

ATV Trails Around Me: Where to Go ATVing in Alberta

Sep. 12, 2019

Did you know that you can explore hundreds of kilometers of Alberta’s countryside – without leaving the seat of your ATV

Traveling by ATV is a great way to travel in the country. You get the genuine outdoors experience. You breath fresh air. You see the beautiful scenery. But you can experience all of this without the tiredness and aching limbs of trekking the journey.

Try ATV travel even once, and we have no doubt that afterward, you will be Googling “ATV trails around me” to find more locations. 

To get ahead of the game, where are the best places to take your ATV in Alberta?

1. Alberta’s Iron Horse Trail

In first place: the famous Iron Horse Trail. This is over 300km of restored country trail. It will lead you through a rich mix of different landscapes. You will see everything from forest to farmland and a number of historical towns along the way. 

If you are particularly looking for beautiful scenery and photo opportunities do not miss out on the trestle bridges you will meet along the trail. As you know the Iron Horse road was part of Canada’s history. There are over 18 on this route and they offer a unique view of the rivers and valleys they cross. 

Don’t worry about the journey, you will be driving on well-maintained pathways that are created to take you through the most beautiful parts of the area. 

2. Bighorn Backcountry

Finding a place to freely ride your ATV can be difficult and unsurprisingly the law can restrict your ride. However, this does not stop ATV users taking to the tacks in Bighorn Backcountry. 

The main areas to ride in Bighorn are made up of 100km of shorter connected trails. If you want to take on a challenge, you can try the steep climb to Ram range on the Canary Creek trail. 

You can find every type of terrain to match your level of experience in Bighorn Backcountry. Make sure that you choose the right season to start your ATV career. Also check before you go that there are no floods or high water.

3. Brazeau River Area

From Nordegg, head north for about 70km and you will find yourself near the Brazeau River recreation Area. This is the start of your ATV adventure in Brazeau. From here you can discover the various cutlines, trails and old back roads here. 

A favorite is the Brazeau river trail which takes you up through the Job/Cline PLUZ along a 64km ride to the patrol hut at Whisker creek. The ridge will give you a unique view of Jasper mountains on one side and Tarpeian rock on the other. 

Brazeau has a rich history of ATV, you can even join the ATV club. Joining the club will give you access to some local knowledge. This is a unique trail but definitely one that you need to follow the rules to stay safe. Check with the local experts before you go and you will be fine. 

4. Coal Branch PLUZ

Looking for something a little more challenging than a tarmac road? The Coal Branch PLUZ will give you every terrain you can handle. Rock, mud, skeg, gravel, amongst other surfaces, await you here. 

If you are looking to camp there are numerous locations along most trails. Especially popular is the trail to Grave Flats Lookout and Ruby falls. These trails are popular with hiking or ATV enthusiasts. 

5. Crowsnest Pass

Are you looking to get off the ground and enjoy riding high into the mountains? As the name suggests Crowsnest Pass is your next destination. Adanac road is a 19km route past Hillcrest and Lynx Creek that takes you high into the mountains. 

If you want to stay nice and safely in low lands, this trail offers the other extreme. The grassy mountain trails will take you past abandoned mining sites and next to lakesides. In truth there are so many routes available here, you can make up your adventure as you go along. 

ATV Trails Around Me and So Much more

If you are looking for adventure and a taste of the outdoors, you are should be asking “Are there any ATV Trails around me?” If you are in Alberta, the answer is a resounding yes.

If you would like to learn more about Alberta’s Iron Horse Trail, we are here to help. We are leveraging our experience from traveling the trail and helping others to discover it too. 

Check out our blog to see what Alberta’s Iron Horse Trail can offer you and your ATV.

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