Wildlife on the Trail | Boreal Forest Animals

Mar. 05, 2020

The boreal forests of Canada cover about 55% of the country’s landmass and are home to thousands of species of wildlife. When you head out on the Iron Horse Trail in Alberta’s Lakeland, you are sure to cross the path of many different boreal forest animals.   The season that you visit the trail in, will […]

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Why Animal Lovers Should Go to the Iron Horse Trail

Mar. 19, 2018

If you love nature but don’t like to step too far out of your comfort zone, a trip along Alberta’s Iron Horse Trail is the right fit for you. Perfect for amateur adventurers, groups and families, Alberta’s Iron Horse Trail delivers all the scenic impact of far more strenuous Canadian outdoor activities. Rambling at will […]

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5 Reasons You Need to Visit the Iron Horse Trail in 2018

Jan. 29, 2018

The Iron Horse Trail is an epic trail spanning almost 300 kilometres. It runs through northern Alberta and is actually a piece of the much larger Trans Canada Trail. You may wonder what’s so great about a simple trail and why you should visit it. A visit to this trail is far more than just […]

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