Top 5 Hiking Tips to Stay Safe and Have Fun on the Iron Horse Trail

Top 5 Hiking Tips to Stay Safe and Have Fun on the Iron Horse Trail

Apr. 13, 2018

If a hiker is going to attempt the massive trek along the 300 kilometres of Alberta’s Iron Horse Trail, they’re going to need to be smart about their safety. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of hiking tips.

Any hiker that follows these tips will be able to have a safe and fun time hiking the Iron Horse Trail.

Read on if you think you might be up for the challenge!

Know the Terrain

It’s important that any hiker of the Iron Horse Trail know the trail well before attempting to hike it. They should gather all the information they can, and plan their hike accordingly–Look at maps, google satellite images, and read a guide.

If they’re armed with all the knowledge they possibly can be, they will know exactly what they’re getting into and they will be able to plan a safe, challenging hike without putting themselves in harm’s way.

Be Bear Aware

Alberta’s Iron Horse Trail is in the heart of bear country and it is important to stay safe on the trail.  If you’ve got a bear-proof container, this is a great idea to pack your food and anything that has a strong scent (like toothpaste!). Check out this brochure from Alberta Parks, which gives you a great amount of information on everything to preventing encounters and how to respond should you come across a bear.

Take Breaks

No matter how experienced a hiker may be, it’s important that to always take breaks when they’re feeling tired. A hiker should never push themselves past their limit. Remember that hiking isn’t a race and there’s no reward for getting to the end faster than anyone else.

What really matters is that a hiker does what they can and rest when they’re feeling tired. And it also gives them a chance to appreciate the beautiful scenery around them!

Drink Lots of Water and Eat Lots of Food

Forget that diet. When hiking, a hiker should stay hydrated and eat as much food as they can.

Staying hydrated is incredibly important while hiking. Any hiker should bring more water than they think they’d ever possibly drink while on a hike. Never risk dehydration while out on the trail.

While hiking, someone can burn through thousands of calories that their body might not normally burn. Those calories need to be replaced or else they will risk cramping, dizziness, and other consequences. Eat!

Stay On the Trail

The Iron Horse Trail is beautiful, but a hiker shouldn’t be tempted to wander off the trail. This isn’t just for the hiker’s safety–it’s also to minimize their impact on nature. If an accident were to ever happen, it’s vital that whoever is hurt be in a well-known area. This means staying on the trail.

Pack the 10 Essentials

Preparation is the key for any hiker staying safe, and that means packing everything they could possibly need for a safe hike. Packing the 10 essentials is the way to do that. It may seem like a lot, but doing so will ensure that someone on the trail is prepared for whatever they may encounter.

With These Hiking Tips…

Any hiker of the Iron Horse Trail will be able to have a safe and fun time hiking the trail.

The Iron Horse Trail can be quite a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be dangerous. Follow these hiking tips, plan your trip, and try a hike along the Iron Horse Trail soon. And feel free to contact us for more information.

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