About Alberta's Iron Horse Trail

In 1999, a legacy began in Canada’s Lakeland–the legacy of Alberta’s Iron Horse Trail. From across the Lakeland people came together to preserve this historic route so that enjoyment of this trail and park system could last for generations.

Northeast Muni-Corr

NE Muni-Corr Ltd is a not-for-profit entity with a board that is made up of representation from 10 municipalities, which together acquired the land base from CNR. These dedicated partners negotiated for the rail right of way in 1999 to provide this benefit to the entire region, and to the tourism sector in Alberta.

NE Muni-Corr is a provincial model of success for municipal cooperation and their continued commitment to the trail has been instrumental in the successful development of Alberta’s Iron Horse Trail–the longest completed section of The Great Trail in Alberta.

Riverland Recreational
Trail Society

From Smoky Lake to Heinsburg to Cold Lake, a group of citizens came together to form the Riverland Recreational Trail Society (RRTS) with the goal of building AIHT—a trail running through the Lakeland to the Saskatchewan border. With the support from Alberta TrailNet and NE Muni-Corr, this vision became a reality.

RRTS is a not-for-profit organization that drives the development, maintenance and operation of the trail. Volunteers are at the foundation of our nearly 2o years of success.

Northeast Muni-Corr Partners

It’s no small feat operating the longest and oldest trail in Alberta–and then having it designated as an official recreation corridor in 2001, just 2 years after forming the RRTS. Over our nearly 2 decades of building this trail and linear park system we have been able to make big strides.

  • 300 kilometres

    of trail developed

  • Connecting communities

    —urban and rural—with a part of Alberta's history

  • Encouraging

    environmental stewardship

  • Bringing
    our region

    for the good of our citizens

  • Connecting

    Albertans, Canadians and citizens of the world with a piece of our rural paradise

Experience the rich and storied history of Alberta’s Iron Horse Trail