Did You Ride the Iron Horse Trail for a Great Cause in May?

Did You Ride the Iron Horse Trail for a Great Cause in May?

Jun. 06, 2018

Every year the Iron Horse Trail plays host to the Second Chance Trail Ride. This is an important fund-raising event for the GoodHearts Foundation.

Registration for this year’s event opened on 11 May, but every year, you can also sign up on the day before if preferred.

Don’t miss this annual opportunity to help raise awareness for Organ and Tissue Donation. Apart from having a great time out on the road, you could help to save lives – up to 20 people a day pass away while waiting for organ transplants.

Here’s what happened on the day and some guidelines if you want to take part next year.

Starting Out

The Second Chance Trail Ride is open to participants on horseback or in horse-drawn wagons. The start of the ride is at the historic Lindbergh Station, between Middle Point and Riverview in Lakeland, Alberta.

Those who wish to take advantage of early registration can stay overnight at the Lindberg staging area at no charge. Early registration is from 6 pm to 8 pm. There is water for your horses, but be aware that the campsites do not have electrical power.

Lindbergh is the site of a historic railway station and a railway park to commemorate its history.

Participants arriving on the morning of the ride gathered at the demarcated area around 8h30 am. Here they were treated to a complimentary muffin while they signed the necessary indemnity forms.

After that, there was some time to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings before the 11h00 start. The cost for this year’s event was 30 dollars per person.

Every year, a transport service is offered from Elk Point to Lindbergh between 09h45 and 10h30. This is to accommodate those wanting to drop off their trailers and trucks at the finish.

On the Iron Horse Trail

Taking a trip along this historic route is one of the most popular things to do in Lakeland, CA and it’s even better on horseback or on an open wagon.

As you amble along with volunteers for the Second Chance Trail Ride you’ll be able to soak up the beautiful scenes around you, with a chance to see some of our local wildlife along the way. It’s the perfect outing for animal lovers and those who like to spend time in nature.

The ride takes you through beautiful spruce forests and farmlands. There is a break to enjoy a packed lunch before reaching your destination at Elk Point. The ride is about 10km long.


This year, the hall at Elk Point opened at 16h30 for a silent auction on some desirable items donated by generous benefactors. This event was well-supported and raised some much needed extra cash for the GoodHearts Foundation.

After that, participants gathered to enjoy a catered meal in celebration of their achievements.

Explore Alberta’s Natural Beauty

If you missed out this time, there’s always next year, or you can make a donation to the Good Hearts Foundation instead.

There’s no stopping you from taking advantage of the beauty along the Iron Horse Trail another time either. The trail is always open for adventure, start planning your route, or get in touch to find out about upcoming events.

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