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Safety Notice - Use Extreme Caution

Please be advised we have a major water issue on the trail east of Range Road 85. A large beaver damn has water backed up over the trail. Continued rain in the region has added to the problem and the water is now about 4 feet deep. Please use exteme caution or detour around the area. This photo was taken over a week ago and the water is now up over the top of the ATV wheels. Download a detour map Detour_Road_Map_East_of_RR85.pdf

Trail Water Today


Plan Ahead

Alberta's Iron Horse Trail is an unsupervised backcountry trail. Plan accordingly and use at your own risk. Whether your taking on all 300 km, or just planning a town to town trip, planning rest stops, staging areas and checking the weather make the trip that much more enjoyable.

Happy Canada Day!

You never know who you are going to meet along the trail!

Sheila Thompson and Rick Dees filming along the trail.

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