Six Places To Eat On Alberta’s Iron Horse Trail

Six Places To Eat On Alberta’s Iron Horse Trail

Oct. 08, 2017

You’ll probably be bringing some energy bars or trail mix with you on your trip, but when you’re looking for places to eat on Alberta’s Iron Horse Trail, and after a day of activity, you might want something a little more substantial. The trail is dotted with small towns and hamlets that often have restaurants and cafes where you can find places to eat on Alberta’s Iron Horse Trail. It’s not going to be Michelin-starred molecular gastronomy—it’ll be homestyle, hearty cooking that will fill you up after a long day. Here are a few:

1. Betsy’s Burger Shack – Smoky Lake

Thick shakes, Donair, Pizza and the infamous Shark Attack Burger: Betsy’s is a fifties-style diner with great service and a friendly atmosphere.

2. T&T Iron Horse Café – Waskatenau

Good old fashioned home-style fare, from liver and onions to fish and chips, perogies and smaller-portioned senior’s specials.

3. Twisted Fork – St. Paul

There’s plenty of dining options in the town of St. Paul- a Tim’s, Boston Pizza, KFC and DQ if you want something that you know. If you want something more substantial then there’s the Twisted Fork, St. Paul’s newest restaurant!

4. Picante Café – Cold Lake

For higher-end eating, the Picante Café on the shores of Cold Lake offers casual fine dining, an espresso bar and a range of drinks and cocktails.  You might not be able to go all the way to the lake on the trail, but it is definitely worth it to head up this way by taking the public transit system.

5. Players Lounge – Bonnyville

If you’re a sports and pub food lover, then Players Lounge is the place to go.  They’ve got a great selection of beer and finger food to fill up on.

6. Green Acres Restaurant – Glendon

Pyrogy Pizza- need we say more? The town with the world’s largest (and perhaps only) perogy statue naturally has some great pyrogy dishes, and Green Acres is the place to get them- just look for the big lime green building.

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