Trail Wildlife

Alberta's Iron Horse Trail follows the abandoned CN railing for 300 km. It passes through a wide variety of ecological settings that have remained relatively untouched since the early 1990's.

You will notice that the plants and wildlife change as you travel through parkland, agricultural land, boreal forest and natural wetlands.

Wildlife sightings are frequent and the trail offers up endless bird watching opportunities.

Trail users are advised to be prepared while on the trail, to stay on the trail and respect the environment and other users

Want to identify what you've seen?    
Maybe these links will help.

Mid-August bounty of blueberries throughout boreal forest parts of the trail

Visit the links above learn more about Brown-Eyed Susan and other flowers along Alberta's Iron Horse Trail

Executive Director, Marianne Price, picking Saskatoons at Anshaw

Alberta Wild roses near Edouardville

Lady Slippers at Fort George Buckingham House Historic Site

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