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"Mile Zero" at Abilene Junction is the center of the three trail branches extending southwest to Smoky Lake, northeast to Cold Lake and southeast to Heinsburg. Traverse gentle slopes, rolling hills and pothole lakes along the trail. Alberta's Iron Horse Trail provides a continuous trail corridor through the most historic region of Alberta. Fifteen staging areas in rural communities large and small ensure that visitors' needs are met. The friendly locals are happy to answer your questions so don't be afraid to ask.

Explore Alberta's longest and oldest continuous trail and experience a "legacy to discover"

As seen in the St Paul Journal November 24, 2009 Revamped Staging Area 'Best in Lakeland'

BY SHAUNA BURKE St Paul Journal Staff

After spending about $1.3 million on improving the site, the Town of St. Paul has developed “the best staging area in the Lakeland,” according to Mayor of St. Paul Glenn Andersen. “Basically it’s meant to attract more people to St. Paul and show them exactly what we have. What we have is 300 km of trail right at their fingertips,” he added. Since the Iron Horse Trail can be used all year-round, people can make use of the staging area any time, he noted. The town is now planning to add a reunion centre building and a playground to the area. “A reunion center is a building with a fire place for people to gather for family reunions, gatherings or soccer tournaments,” said Ron Boisvert, CAO for the Town of St. Paul. “The kids can play outside on the playground or on the grass while the adults visit or play cards.” As well, the reunion centre will allow people to gather for barbecues, family get-togethers and any other special events throughout the year, said Andersen. The cement base, the gas, water and electrical work on the building, dubbed Reunion Station, are all done already, reports Boisvert, and the building will be completed over the winter. The playground equipment has been purchased and should also beset up by next May.
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