In the spirit of the first settlers, many choose to travel Alberta's Iron Horse Trail the old fashioned way...on horseback. What better way to become a part of nature then quietly trodding along the trail.

Perhaps sharing the experience in a covered wagon brings more of the "old ways" feeling to you, and enables you to travel in a group.

Many areas are horse friendly, staging areas and rest stops, check out the Trail Etiquette page to be sure that everyone is getting the best enjoyment.

Not sure what you saw? Check out our Trail Wildlife page to help you figure out which wild flower you saw, or type of spruce tree you took shade under.

Pictured in the header: Wagoneers love Alberta's Iron Horse Trail for the miles and miles of easy access trails.

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COMING SOON...Alberta's Iron Horse Trail will be listing the "passable" areas along with the more complicated areas of the trail for those using horses to explore the trail.

Trail Ride starting out from St. Paul staging area, through the Centennial Gateway.

The Great Canadian Wagon Train journeys on Alberta's Iron Horse Trail every summer. Other trail users are asked to stop, remove helments and let the horses and wagons pass.

Wheel Wright Roy Scott of Heinsburg builds and restores wagons, buggies and Red River Carts.

Getting ready for the Annual Western Canadian Wagon Train trip down the trail.

An autumn day east of Lindburgh.

You meet all kinds along the trail.

West of Edouardville, June 3, 2003.

Marwayne riders along the trail west of Heinsburg.

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