Thank you to our many trail supporters who logged 1200 hours in 2009, and that was only from the people who recorded their hours at meetings!  Volunteering takes many forms.  We appreciate all contributions, whether it is the occasional hour doing clean-up on a favourite section of the trail, or the long-term commitment of our directors. There is something to suit everyone’s talents.  Some areas where we always welcome volunteers are:

  • Trail steward (see description below)
  • Spring & Fall trail inspections
  • Strategic planning for future development
  • Administration – Directors and Executive
  • Community Liaisons
  • Creative projects such as website
  • Promoting the trail at trade shows
  • Casinos
  • Event planning
  • Education & safety

Trail stewards are the eyes and ears of Alberta’s Iron Horse Trail, protecting and improving the trail as they go.  They commit to making monthly reports detailing the conditions on a defined section of trail.  They look for potential hazards, remove deadfall and rocks, and report trail conditions to the Trail Boss.  Their suggestions for trail improvements are much appreciated.

Trail steward duties often include:

  • Reporting on needed maintenance
  • Repairing and replacing signs
  • Litter collection
  • Trail surface maintenance
  • Winter:  trail grooming
  • Communicating trail etiquette & trail conditions to trail users
  • Answering trail users’ questions
  • Handing out maps

            Trail stewards are the ambassadors of the trail as they visit with trail users they meet along the way.  They wear safety vests identifying them as stewards for their particular section of the trail.

To learn more about volunteering, please contact:

  • Danny:  780 645-4414 Fax: 780 645 3564
  • Marianne:  780 645-2913
  • Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pictured in the header, trail stewards Sheila Thompson and James Clark setting out from Heinsburg to do trail stewarding. And Danny Smyl, Trail Boss keeps all the volunteer trail stewards organized.

Pictured to the left are dedicated trail stewards, Danny Smyl and Laurier Dechaine at Pumpkin Park in Smoky Lake.

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