NE Muni-Corr

NE Muni-Corr Ltd is a not-for-profit entity that owns and manages Alberta's Iron
Horse Trail. The board is made up of representation from 10 municipalities that manage the land base that was acquired from CNR when they negotiated for the rail right of way in 1999. As well, Muni-Corr also ensures the trail is safe and passable. NE Muni-Corr is a provincial model of success for municipal cooperation and their continued commitment to the trail has been instrumental in the successful development of this 300 km continuous recreation corridor.

Northeast Muni-Corr Directors on their annual inspection trail ride, April 2007

Riverland directors, Dave Dalby and Sheila Thompson at Ansaw on the annual Muni-Corr trail ride.

Some adjacent landowners pasture cattle on the trail duing the summer. Slow to a walking pace when encounterin gcattle and leave gates as you find them

Directors Sheila Thompson and Marianne Price on the annual Muni-corr trail ride.

Marianne Price and Andy Wakaruk at Smoky Lake's Pumpkin Park

Muni-Corr Directors on the Beaver River Trestle

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